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Not Only But Also: Art in Vocabulary

Not Only But Also: Art in Vocabulary is a set of 92 card-sized reproductions of paintings by Jacqueline Barnett that pair a painting with a vocabulary word. The word is often challenging and features the definition, etymology, and usage in the form of a whimsical sentence. Experience the frisson of learning which quickly becomes jouissance when you first use the word in a sentence. This hybridity of paintings and words makes the process challenging — and fun.

The 92 prints are from original monotypes printed on Washi paper, 6 x 8 inches. Each card is 3.75 x 5 inches and the set includes one display holder.

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Not Only But Also: all photos by Spike Mafford 2015

Figure to Field:
The Art of Jacqueline Barnett

Jaqueline Barnett’s lifetime of art is the subject of a book by Matthew Kangas, art critic. Publication date is January 2016.

Soon available to order on Amazon.