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The desire to capture emotion, a memory, a thought not in words but in a magical language of visual interaction and relationship, color, movement, leads me forward.  By responding to what is on the canvas, creating an abstract narrative of color, gesture and relationship, I hope to create a painting that reaches out to others.  It becomes a journey for both the viewer and the artist.


Jacqueline Barnett is a recognized abstract artist represented by IMA Gallery of Seattle (previously with Francine Seders Gallery and Foster/White Gallery).  Her dynamic work — ranging from large oil paintings to monotypes to 3-dimensional forms — emerges from abstract expressionism and organic metaphor. Her numerous solo and group exhibitions highlight a generative career of enduring creative impact. Barnett graduated from Vassar College in 1955 and studied with Frank Lobdell and Nathan Oliveira at Stanford University’s Department of Art from 1970-1983.


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L to R: artist photo by Spike Mafford 2014, studio photos by Joel Clarin 2015